Fat Chance Band

Fat Chance on the Harbor is a band based out of Grays Harbor, Washington that plays Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, and Country. They needed a logo, facebook banners, posters, business cards, and event banners. When they showed me the mood board for me to base my inspiration off of, it was clear they were drawn to grungy textures, amber tones with a pop of bright colors, an element of the beautiful Pacific Northwest Scenery, and a humorous twist. I started with a few logo ideas and they fell in love with a concept I came up with of a pig with wings (fat chance/”when pigs fly”) wearing sunglasses (blues).

Step 1: Logo Design

Step 2: Band Branding

Jeff, the drummer is also the booking manager for Fat Chance. I wanted to make sure he was proud to hand out his business card when booking new gigs. He wanted to add some rugged drum sticks to his business card and was thrilled with the final product.

Seeing my designs in action has always made so happy! Here’s the drummer and Booking Manager, Jeff with his awesome new branded bass drum head decal.

Rock on, Jeff!

Step 3: Event Promotion

Fat Chance Band’s main source of brand presence is their Facebook page and physical posters. I created a general page banner, an event banner and print poster templates that they can customize with location, date, and time.

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