Mike’s Beach Resort

Mike’s Beach Resort is a gorgeous beach front resort on Hood Canal in Washington State. Its location is the epitome of Pacific Northwest landscapes and its fertile ecosystem lends for prime oyster farming and scuba diving, among many other outdoorsy activities. The resort’s vibe is very nostalgic summer camp with “glamping” details sprinkled in throughout the premises. There is no cell phone service or wi-fi (intentionally) allowing guests to fully disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with the present.

Want to book a night or two at this beautiful location? Click here for more information.


With the outbreak of COVID-19 imposing a new normal on many small businesses, Mike’s Beach Resort was sure to stay agile despite the hotel and lodging industry being one of the most affected. Excited to share the news that they were affiliated with the American Hotel and Lodging Association’s “Safe Stay” Initiative, we created this graphic for them to share on social media.

The Resort’s signs have weathered season after season in the elements since 1951 and needed to be replaced. Without disrupting the summer camp/national park feel in their branding, we made some signage to post around the property.


Mike’s Beach Resort isn’t shy to play around with diverse branding when it comes to their stickers. Here are the latest pieces we’ve worked on.

For this sticker, the client requested a muted, gray, blue color palette with national park style icons all around to highlight the Resort’s amenities.
Here the client wanted black, white, red, and an octopus and the diving flag for a sticker to gift to visiting divers.
An homage to the great Pacific Northwest’s peculiar fashion choice of wearing socks with sandals.

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